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Kennedy camera

Kennedy camera - Laparoscopic/Thoracoscopic HD USB training camera

The Kennedy Camera is a HD USB Endoscopic training camera designed to help surgeons practice and develop their camera handling skills. It can also be used alongside portable simulators instead of the common fixed USB camera solution. This will help to increase the fidelity of the surgical skill training episode. The camera utilises a mechanical solution to mimic the offset provided by a 30 degree laparoscope/ thoracoscope. The use of a mechanical solution instead of glass lenses allows the device to be manufactured at a more affordable price for a trainee surgeon who wishes to practice at home on their laptop or personal computer.

The time a trainee surgeon spends in the operating room is precious. Holding the camera for more senior surgeons is one of the first steps towards preparing to perform surgery independently. This is a golden learning opportunity that can often quickly lose its educational value and become a stressful situation for all. This is simply because using a 30 degree endoscopic camera can be quite disorientating to use without practice and familiarity.

The Kennedy Camera presents you with an option to spend some time and practice at home before your first opportunity to be the camera operator.

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