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Arroyo's Anastomotic Simulator

Winner of the project of creating the simulator for training the anastomosis sawing was in 2011 a surgeon from Colombia, Jamie Arroyo. 

He won due to the compact size of his simulator.  Other participants presented large simulators that were complicated for handling.  Jamie Arroyo stepped in front of the jury, pulled his simulator out of the pocket of his jacket, showed simple and effective simulation and he won. 

The winning project of Jamie Arroyo

Interview Prof. Dr. Sergeant after the presentation of Arroyo simulator

When we finaly got our hands on his prototype, it had already been quite damaged so our main task was to rework his idea into a long lasting product that will be just as compact as the original and still for acceptable price. 

From 2012 to 2015 we produced over 5.600 Arroyo’s Anastomotic Simulators and supplied them to 29 countries around the world. 

Arroyo’s Anastomotic Simulator is part of My virtual anastomosis project which came to existence thanks to joint effort and cooperation of the company ETHICON and Prof. Dr. Paul Sergeant.  This project gives its follow up support to the Arroyo’s Anastomotic Simulator users.  After registration at the website, it is possible to consult your training results directly with the professionals of this type of surgery and to gain further support. 


The winning prototype of Jamie Arroyo



The serial form of the Arroyo’s Anastomotic simulator

Standard tube size is 5x100 mm.  For microsurgical use we have adjusted the simulator to be compatible with tubes size 1x75 mm.


Simulator improvements for 2018

Thanks to the course organized by the ETHICON company, we have been able to utilize the experience gained by its participants to improve the Arroyo's Anastomotic Simulator. We have improved the system of attaching the tubes to the simulator. With this adjustment the tube is more reliably locked in the simulator and, due to the strong and stable attachment, it is now possible to also test the quality of suture of the anastomosis. After finishing the training of anastomosis suture it is easy to remove one end of the tube and attach the test kit. The kit enables injecting liquid into the tube and thus creating mild pressure to find out whether the suture has been successful or not. 

Enjoy improved training with the Arroyo's Anastomotic Simulator!


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