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PONAP s.r.o.
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The supplier (seller) is PONAP, spol. s.r.o., company address, Tr. 1. Maje 504/7, Breclav

VAT CZ 277 46 992.

Workshop contact addresses:

Delivery time

Usually we have goods in stock and we ship within 3 business days.  In case the product is not in stock, we contact the customer and inform them about time of delivery.

Cancelation by the customer

Customer may cancel their online order without any reason:

Orders may be canceled until the time of their shipment. 

Cancelation by the seller

We reserve the right to cancel an order or its part in the following cases:

In these cases we will contact you by phone or by email to discuss possible substitution for similar item or just to inform you about cancelation of this product from your order. 

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  • PONAP s.r.o.
    Tř. 1. Máje 504/7,
    690 02 Břeclav

    tel: +420 725 424 181