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Verberkmoes Mitral Sim

In 2012 the winer of the project of creating a simulator for mitral valve surgery training was a surgeon from the Netherlands, Niels Verberkmoes

His mitral valve surgery project won due to his innovative approach and the use of readily available material.  During several months of cooperation with Niels and Dr. Patrick Perier we reworked the simulator so that it is resistant, durable and so that it immitates as closely as possible the real life conditions of mitral valve surgery.  We also managed to keep the price at an affordable level.  Compared to the first simulator, the process of making this one was more difficult due to complexity of mitral valve surgery. 

In the first year we supplied over 1.000 pieces of Verberkmoes Mitral Sim to ten countries around the world. 

Publication of the winning project of Niels Verberkmoes


Serial form of Verberkmoes Mitral Sim 


Simulated mitral valve surgery




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