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PONAP s.r.o.
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About us

Our sheltered workshop was established on September 7th, 2007 in Breclav.  The goal was to give work to people with physical disabilities for whom it is usually difficult to find work on regular job market.  It is our way of helping people to increase their living standard and we help to solve the problem of unemployment for people with health problems.

Our sheltered workshop focuses on small scale production, completion and finishing work, packing, office supplies and packing material wholesale, transport and services.  In the sphere of our production we offer complex service, exactly according to the customer’s specifications.    

Cooperation with us has, besides all other advantages, also an ethical dimension.  Each order for our sheltered workshop provides support for people who have the biggest obstacle in their employment – health.  Your support of their employment also expresses the moral maturity of our society. 

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